Britain Awake!

Your attention, as you read the message of this book is directed at the origin, history and destiny of the people of these islands. Its real purpose is PROPHETIC! It is to sound an alarm, and warn the nation of soon-coming judgment, unless we as a people return to the Lord. The past thirty years have seen a massive decline in the moral and spiritual standards of our society. Britain is confronted with one of the gravest crisis in all her long history. The voice of the church is ignored, the Bible is neglected, the Sabbath is desecrated, and our parliament has passed laws and has legalised evil practices which are an abomination in the sight of a righteous God. The author is convinced that the supreme need in our land today is for a Revival of genuine Godliness to sweep the nation. But where is the burden for such an event? Where is the heart-cry of His people? The Bible is clear. God’s people must humble themselves and cleanse their ways before He will listen to their prayers. Prayer is vital, but so also is lifestyle. God has called us to be the “Salt of the Earth” and the “Light of the World”. He is looking for a faithful and committed remnant whose heart-cry is for the salvation and regeneration of this great nation.


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