Daughters of Destiny

An idea arose in Victorian Britain that the royal dynasty and throne of David, King of Israel and Judah c. 100 BC, far from dying out as the result of successive Assyrian and Babylonian invasions, has continued in an unbroken line that leads directly to the British Throne. In this book, Glyn Lewis examines the historical and archaeological evidence for this claim. His research begins with the history of Israel, and then traces the story of a Judean princess of David’s line who disappeared mysteriously from Egypt in the sixth century BC, and who appears in Irish history around the same time to continue the royal line in Ireland. Following this royal line through Irish, Argyllshire, Scottish and English history, Lewis finds that our Queen Elizabeth II is descended from the Judean princess who came to the shores of Ireland. At the end of this book, Lewis suggests that the genealogical descent includes a sign of Christ’s forthcoming return, and for this reason the British monarchy and throne could be approaching a new era.


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