Forgotten: The Lost Stories of Christian Influence

A gunshot cracked over his head as Daniel Matthews hurriedly pulled the young Aboriginal woman by the hand along the dirt track, away from the small squatterer’s hut where she had been living. Living, if that’s what you could call it. Here in this hut…” So begins the story about one of Australia’s forgotten heroes, Danuel Matthews, a man of faith who risked his life to ‘set the captives free.’ In our twenty-first century post Christian world, the Christian faith is considered irrelevant, hateful, and even oppressive. While Cancel Culture demonises our history, Forgotten brings to light the progressive impact of Christianity around the world. Its achievements incklude the right to vote, the abolition of slavery, Australia’s first schools, the YMCA, the game of basketball, the separation of church and state, scientific discovieres and even the train timetable. Forgotten also tells the story of the Christian Aboriginal man who led the only known protest against Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht in 1938. It reveals the faith of men who occupied the seats of Australia’s first parliament in 1901, and how the discovery of old minute books in a church office reveal the respect and support the Christian faith once had in Australia. Forgotten is a collection of stories about Christian influence that should be forgotten no longer.


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