The Post-Captivity Names of Israel

According to the author “There is no more important field of study in history than that which will serve to identify the names by which the Israel people were known and after they were carried away into captivity.” Goard identifies these names while presenting conclusive evidence to show that these people, once known as Israel, were not, as some claim, merged among the other nations; nor were they, as others claim, merged with the house of Judah, and thereafter all known as Jews. The reader is brought face to face with the facts of history recorded on clay tablets and stone monuments, docketed, catalogued and numbered in the British Museum. For good measure he has added eight informative and educational appendices furnished with quotations from accredited authorities, for which chapter and page are given. This book goes a long way in proving, to the open-minded search, who the people are today whose roots can be traced back to ancient Israel. To those who do understand, and accept this startling truth, the Bible will become more precious than ever!


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