What is prophecy? There are two ways of defining it. One is in the form which the Apostle Paul used in his letter to the Corinthians. In 1 Cor. 12:10 he refers to one of the “Gifts of the Spirit”, the Gift of Prophecy. This refers to the ability, or ‘Gift’ to expound the Word of God, and does not necessarily include the ability of fore-telling the future. It relates more especially to the ‘Gift’ given by God whereby the recipient can understand and expound to others the prophecies already made by God.

But prophecy, in the way in which it is usually used in the Scriptures, is different to this, in that it is the method used to foretell the future. But it does this in a very special, and very specific way. It is not a ‘crystal ball’ type of operation.

It foretells history as the pre-planned and pre-destined will and purpose of Almighty God.

Thus, by definition, PROPHECY is the statement, or ‘foretelling’ of HISTORY. It is the statement of events before their occurrence.


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