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The Drama of the Disciples

Pages: 258

A facinating account of the spread of Christianity to Britain from as early as AD 36-37 and from Britain to Rome through the members of the British Royal Family in exile and their relationship with the Apostle Paul.

2 reviews for The Drama of the Disciples

  1. Debbie

    Well researched book that eloquently details the history of the last days of Jesus and the history following the crucifixion that outlines the work of Joseph of Arimathea, Mary and some of the disciples in Britain to set up the first Christian church in Glastonbury . This well referenced work puts an amazing light on roman and English history which in my view should be common knowledge and celebrated in our education system. What was strikingly revelationary aside from a the fact that Jesus and Joseph had been to Britain was the advanced society was and not as barbaric as we are led to believe.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great read, very interesting. I gave my copy away but now wish I’d kept it.

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