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Whatever Happened To The Twelve Apostles?

Have you ever wondered what the TWELVE APOSTLES did once the excitement of the Day of Pentecost died down? In the early chapters of Acts it seems as if Peter and John were the only ones doing anything much for the Lord.Yet in the book of Revelation John saw the names of all twelve apostles on the foundations of the New Jerusalem. And Jesus had promised that in His future kingdom the apostles would sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Surely these men must have done something outstanding to warrant such great honours. From early church writings we are able to form a reasonably accurate picture of where each apostle went to preach this new gospel that Jesus had entrusted to them. Their devotion was such that, with the exception of John, it seems each died a martyr for the faith he had so boldly proclaimed.

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  1. David Bennett

    Most Christians have not a clue about what happened to the Twelve Apostles after the Acts of the Apostles comes to a conclusion (eleven Apostles really, as James had already died). Elva Schroeder has written a useful and interesting book to fill some of the gaps in our knowledge. This is a simple book, rather than a scholarly work, though she uses the works of scholars to inform her story. One criticism that can be levelled is that she is too inclined to take at face value some of the ancient traditions concerning the Apostles. While it would be foolish to reject all these traditions and regard them as legends, Elva seems to place a little too much faith in them. However, it’s a good book and worth a read. It stirred me to do more research in this area.

  2. Paul Clark

    This is a great read. Contrary to popular belief or understanding, there is actually quite a bit of information about Christianity and the early Church apart from the Bible. Sometimes we act like Christians stopped writing after the New Testament era. From this information we can gather pictures of what happened to the 12 apostles. Now, some of this is speculation and it should be taken that way, but it’s very interesting and suggestive speculation! Elva, like a good detective, sifts through the evidence and paints pictures of what may have happened next. It really does fill out the picture of the early church. Every Christian will appreciate this book – it’s not highly academic, just a great little read.

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