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A destiny and purpose

The British-Israel-World Federation Australia is the culmination of a hundred years of fellowship and promotion of God’s True Word and Promise to His nations and people. In 1919 numerous groups and organisations came together across the world to form ‘The British-Israel-World Federation’, a unified and purpose driven organisation to educate and promote the British Israel message. The headquarters located in the UK.

In Australia, there were branches in all corners of the nation with branch headquarters in every state capital city. Lending libraries and bookstores provided literature for Christians from all walks of life.

During the 1930-50s, there was a travelling Commissioner filling town halls in all cities and country towns spreading hope, truth and revival. This lead to large movements and denominations arising well through to the 60s. The impact of The British-Israel-World Federation is still felt throughout Australia today, though unrecognized and forgotten.

Over the years, the BIWF in Australia has downsized to have only two official operating branches, Queensland and Victoria. We invite you to be part of the mission in bringing true clarity and understanding of God’s word to Australia, the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

2024 National British-Israel Conference

Join us for our Annual British-Israel National Conference. Featuring a variety of speakers, including local and international.

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