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A Brief History

The Victorian Branch of The British-Israel-World Federation originally started in the 1920’s after the amalgamation of the Federation in 1919 in the United Kingdom. Then known as the Victorian Headquarters it had an office in The Block Arcade in Melbourne. The Victorian Headquarters had within its rank, Dr. Thomas Foster who trained under Professor Pascoe Goard at Garrison Bible College in Harold Glen, London. Thomas Foster became Commissioner of the Federation, travelling all of Australia visiting each country town and holding town hall meetings discussing the promises, prophecies and significance of the National British-Israel Message. Over many years, the office, or its purpose as ‘The Book Room’ moved from space to space within The Block Arcade, mostly on the second floor. Eventually moving a couple more times and then finally moving to the suburb of []. Eventually in 2014 after the death of the main operator of The Book Room and decreasing membership, it was decided, with a quorum, to close the organisation. All books were distributed to remaining members and all finances were distributed to a number of still operating parts of the Federation around the world. 

In 2016 after a number of discussions of faithful BI believers throughout Victoria it was decided it was time to gather together in Mildura to connect and discuss British-Israel together. Originally 16 people gathered, notable persons include the ‘Mildura boys’, Hedley Stewart and Vince Hartwig. Pastor Chris Chetland. Perry Thorp. Lynton Barry from Adelaide and the Baileys – Rob and Liz (daughter of Dr. Thomas Foster). This organic group formed the inaugural National British-Israel Conference where members gathered from Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. The following year featured the visit of Dr Clifford Smyth, deputy President of The British-Israel-World Federation in the United Kingdom.

The British-Israel World Federation Victorian Branch officially started under the leadership of the Mildura Boys, Christopher Chetland and Perry Thorp.

It must be noted that correspondence was made from a disgruntled member of the shut-down ‘Victorian Headquarters’ trying to stop the continuation of The British-Israel-World Federation in Victoria after she had in-fact encouraged the closure of the organisation in 2014. It must be remembered, Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. May this be a reminder, to never underestimate the roles and responsibilities God has for His People Israel.

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