Australian Publications

For your convenience, here are a number of British-Israel believing publications based throughout Australia over the years.

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The Queensland BIWF Journal (2006-present)

The official newsletter of The British-Israel-World Federation (Qld) Inc. by President, Michael Simmill. Prior to 2006 the Queensland branch relied heavily on the Victorian Headquarters and international publications which they sent to their local members.


The Quill and Quiver (2010-present)

The Quill And Quiver is an independent publication based three hours north-west of Brisbane. After a number of attempts for a new publication (2009), the NSW BIWF pushed it back. In January 2010 the strictly independent publication began and is still publishing quarterly issues today.


Please Consider! (2021-present)

A series of papers providing insight and thorough understanding of scripture. Compilation and papers by John Trotter.


BIWF Victorian Headquarters Monthly Notes (1990-2013)

The monthly publication from the old Victorian British-Israel-World Federation Headquarters. Originally located in the Melbourne CBD at the Block Arcade on Collins Street. Then The Basement of the Majorca Building on Flinders Lane. Then eventually moving to Camberwell and closing in 2014 due to low membership. 
1990-1994 Bevan Clements,
1995-2005 Val Walke,
2008-2013 Neil Mcleod,


The Kingdom Herald (1960?-1999?)

The official monthly periodical of the New South Wales branch of The British-Israel-World Federation. From the years [?] to 1999.

Gaps throughout.


Look Up! (1993-1999)

A NSW bi-monthly magazine put together from 1993 to 1999 by John Trotter, Frank Dowsett and Peter Ireland.


The Covenant Vision (1985-2007)

A bimonthly publication by Pastor Frank Dowsett. NSW.

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