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Leave A Legacy

With your Will, you can continue supporting the preservation of British-Israel in Australia beyond your time on Earth.

Preparing for the next generation

Thank you for considering a gift in your Will towards the work of British-Israel. Leaving an up-to-date Will is important and in your interest and it’s a process that is surprisingly simple. Despite this, over fifty percent of Australians die without leaving one, causing confusion and distress to those left behind.

Remember “Your Will is the indispensable instrument that enables you to provide for your loved ones after your death”. But it is more. It is a means of continuing your involvement in the causes that concern you most. If British-Israel is one, you can continue your support far into the future by leaving a legacy.
Leaving a part of your estate to a charity is referred to as a Legacy (Bequest)
Therefore, we invite you to consider leaving a legacy to ensure the work continues.

Leaving a Bequest

A bequest can take several forms. Leaving this kind of gift is a personal decision and is often made because the work of a charitable organisation has had an impact on a person’s life. If you wish to give on-going support to a charity after your death, the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out is to include them in a legal Will.

Local charities, and organisations rely greatly on the generosity of people who leave Bequests. Put simply, we would not be able to continue the vast amount of evangelism and community work we do, without this kind of support.

A Bequest provides the opportunity to memorialise a loved one or to permanently link your own gift with your organisation of choice.

About Us

The British-Israel-World Federation (BIWF) started in 1919 as a Federation of numerous British-Israel organisations throughout the world. With our principal headquarters in the United Kingdom, we continue to resource and promote the British-Israel message to Australia today.

Throughout the past one hundred years, the BIWF has operated in every capital city in Australia with branch offices and bookrooms in many major cities in every state. As of 2020, Australia now has two official BIWF branch offices, Queensland and Victoria. 

Our vision is to advocate, educate and support British-Israel materials and doctrine throughout Australia. Providing, creating and spreading information, books and events.

Our mission is to keep British-Israel relevant and modern whilst preserving the rich history, culture and conservative ethics of Anglo Saxondom. Hosting events, publishing resources and advocating for truth.

Will You Remember Us?

If you are considering leaving a Bequest to British-Israel in Australia, the following explains how you can do this.

Option 1:
Leave a percentage of your estate or the residue of your estate. A residuary gift is the whole or specified proportion of the balance of your estate, after all of your debts and gifts have been paid out of your estate.

Option 2:
Leave a particular item or items, which could include things such as paintings, property, jewellery or shares.

Option 3:
Give a specific amount of money to one of our offices (Queensland or Victoria). Please keep in mind that this option does not allow for a change in your circumstances or for inflation.

Option 4:
A contingency Bequest. If you have property or investment capital that you wish your partner or a loved one to have for their use for as long as they live, this may be the appropriate Bequest. Upon this person’s death, the remaining capital and interest on the property will be given to the British-Israel World Federation – either Victoria or Queensland.

Official Wording:
Victoria: The Australian National Covenant Message Inc. (trading as The British-Israel-World Federation Victorian Branch). ABN: 97 823 347 630.

Queensland: The British-Israel-World Federation Queensland Inc. ABN: 31 980 730 172.

Other States: Can go towards a perpetual Trust Fund for your desired state or territory. Either branch (Victoria/Queensland) can administer the fund.

Consult with your lawyer for ways to include the above options in your Will. If you decide to leave a Bequest to one of our branches, you may like to inform us of your decision as an ‘assurance of bequest’.

You are not obligated to but we appreciate when people tell us. Knowing of your intentions allows us to plan ahead, to thank you in person and to discuss with you how we might invest your generous provision. Any information you supply about your bequest is treated in the strictest confidence.

The British-Israel-World Federation Victorian Branch
PO BOX 274 Wonthaggi, VIC 3995 Australia

Thank You

Thank you for being willing to consider making a Bequest to the work of British-Israel in your Will. Our commitment to you is to ensure that if you do make a Bequest (or if you have previously made one to the British-Israel-World Federation) then it will work to benefit the preservation and continuation of British-Israel Truth for years to come.

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